BABUSCH opened in January 2009. It is a small art project space located in a flat in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin.

The idea behind BABUSCH is to show artworks by international emerging artists that weren't previously shown in Berlin and that reveal, in the broadest sense, aspects of life in "other" parts of the world. Fundamental to BABUSCH's curatorial approach is the awareness of the ongoing postcolonial debate as well as the strong belief that terms such as "West" and "East" and "periphery" urgently need to be reconsidered and revised.

Currently Babusch has been in transition, transforming from a exhibition space to a salon focussing on screenings and talks. First project in this new era was Project 9. Trsnformation has not been finished yet, so please stay tuned.

No matter which format BABUSCH wants to provide space for art and discussions and thus to function as personal "window to the world" that aims to open new perspectives for everyone who comes over and stays for a beer, or two.


Babusch on Deutsche Welle TV - euromaxx 24.11.09

English version (minute 7:40 onwards)
Deutsche Version (ab Minute 7:35)

Babusch featured on German/French TV-channel ARTE, spring 2009:

Barbara J. Scheuermann

Barbara J. Scheuermann works as independent curator and writer in Berlin and Brussels. Before she moved to Berlin in November 2008, she had worked as curator of contemporary art at Tate Modern, London, and earlier as assistant curator at K21, Düsseldorf.

Her doctoral thesis (2005) analyses narrative structures in contemporary artworks using as example works by William Kentridge and Tracey Emin. In her curatorial work and her writings she mainly focuses on video and installation, questions of narrativity, performativity and gender as well as on art from the Middle East.

Recent curatorial projects include dé/montage. Recent works by artists from Berlin  at Gallery Grusenemyer, Deurle, Belgium, Serendipities. Experimental Set-Ups by Stefan Burger, Anja Ciupka and Susanne Kutter, Velvet Projects @ Galerie Gillian Morris, Berlin, and Recently Seen and Admired at Kunstagenten, Berlin. Among the projects she contributed to at Tate were the retrospective John Baldessari - Pure Beauty and the group show Pop Life: Art in a Material World (both opening in October 2009) as well as the Members Room Commission 2008: Noa Lidor. Previously, she had worked at Haus der Kunst, Munich, and K21 Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen where she co-curated Talking Pictures. Theatricality in recent video works.

In February/March 2010 she travelled the art scenes of Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Mumbai (funded by the Goethe-Institut).

As independent writer and art critic she has contributed, and still contributes, to Kunstzeitung, Informationsdienst Kunst, Art, (H)Art (Belgium),, Kölner Stadtanzeiger, Intro, Take on Art (India) et al. as well as to several exhibition catalogues and other publications.

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