Project 9

Eli Cortiñas. New Work

Thursday, 6 October, 7.30 pm

Screening of recent works + wine and chat with the artist (probably in German) / Vorführung von aktuellen Arbeiten + Wein und Unterhaltung mit der Künstlerin (voraussichtlich auf deutsch)

Zur Stuhl- und Weinkalkulation wird um Anmeldung gebeten unter:

geöffnet ab 19:30
20:00 Vorführung 3 neuer Arbeiten (s.u.) von Eli Cortiñas
danach: Gespräch und Wein mit der Künstlerin

Weinspenden sind willkommen!


Eli Cortiñas (*1976 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, lebt und arbeitet in Köln und Berlin)

Confessions with an open curtain, 1 channel video, 5´30´´/ loop, 2011

FIN (END), 1 channel video
, 4´/ loop, 2010

Vogel, Kirsche, Geliebte (Bird, Cherry, Lover),
2 channel video, 8´/ loop, 2010

"The Spanish, Cologne/ Berlin‐based video artist Eli Cortiñas works almost exclusively with found footage, whether it is Super‐8 or 16mm films bought through e‐bay or extracts of iconic art films from the 1960s and 1970s by directors such as Luis Buñuel, John Cassavetes and François Truffaut. A large part of her practice, in fact, revolves around the idea of challenging cinematic memory, and inventing a cinematic vocabularyanew by selecting from already existing material, painstakingly analysing scenes, stripping away narrative, and re‐editing to arrive at new meanings and associations. Whether she employs existing footage or her own material, the editing process itself is of paramount importance in Cortiñas’ work. The artist approaches editing as a kind of ‘writing’, using the process not merely to re‐arrange sequences and create a new cinematographic ‘choreography’ of images, but to disrupt or re‐structure narrative flow, creating shifts in meaning and a kind of narrative ‘slippage’ which, on the one hand, remains true to the original material, on the other creates new shifts in emphasis and generates alternative if somewhat more fragmented narratives. (...)"

Katerina Gregos, September 2010


Galerie Wiesehöfer, Köln

Galerie Waldburger, Brüssel

image: Confessions with an open curtain, 1 channel video, 5´30´´/ loop, 2011, installation view Street Girls Bringing Sailors In Must Pay In Advance, Michael Wiesehöfer Gallery (c) the artist