Project 10: There is no place like home (is there?)

Friday, 11.11.11. from 11:11 am til 11.11 pm

part of the

Artists, writers and other people chat all day about travelling, moving and coming home. Everybody is invited to drop by and to listen to or join in stories about a trip with a cargo ship to America, coming home from Kazakhstan, family memories from the Canary Islands and last but not least life as "Ur-Berliner".


At 11.11 am we start with a breakfast in the living room to celebrate home as feeling, concept and space (and to provide a base for a long day)

From 2 pm there is a new guest every hour:

2 pm Eli Cortinas: The video artist remembers her past on the Canary Islands.
3 pm Ulla Lenze: The writer reads from her novel "Archanu" and gives insights about living in India and elsewehre.
4 pm Thilo Bock: The writer reads from his books and stories and talks about Berlin as his home.
5 pm Regine Müller-Waldeck: The artist reports about her trip with a cargo ship to America.
6 pm Alexej Meschtschanow: The sculptor still knows how it felt to move from Russia to the GDR.
7 pm Mathias Ortmann: The curator talks about the Berlin project "Asian Hot Shots Festival" and shows a short film from Singapore.
8 pm Solveig Bartusch & Tibor Kiss: The expert for language studies and the designer show images and tell stories about their trip to Central Asia.

From 9 pm you and some other special guests are invited to have a drink and contiue the chatting until 11.11 pm or beyond.

Bring your friends.