Project 7

Pawel Jaszczuk

3 February until 10 March 2011

a project in cooperation with Photo Edition Berlin

Opening on Thursday, 3 February, 7 pm

Pawel Jaszczuk in an interview with Photo Edition Berlin, 2010:

"They have the same reasons to drink as we do, some drink because of problems, some just want to have fun. The difference between them and us is, that they sleep on the streets afterwards. I talked to the police some time and they say that there still is robbery, so you might lost your bag while sleeping on the streets but it is absolutely not common. You can not say it is accepted by the society but it just is kind of common and the society never looks down to people who fall asleep on the streets. Everybody gets drunk from time to time so they think it is just a part of their lives.
I for myself do not judge this people at all, I only do it for the visual effect and for what is most amazing for me and the contrast between the streets and the tie."


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