Project 5: INDIA 2010. TRAVEL NOTES (8.4.-24.6.10)

With SOUVENIRS contributed by Aditya Pande, Rohini Devasher, Suhasini Kejriwal, Chittrovanu Mazumdar, Sunoj D, Sonia Jose, Leena Kejriwal, Hema Upadhyay, Narendra Yadav, Joydip Sengupta, Kiran Subbaiah, Genda Phool, 1Shanthiroad, Tallur LN, Surekha and others.

Not unlike a travelling circus curators, gallerists and artists nowadays voyage around the world in order to visit biennials, do residencies, attend art fairs or hunt down artists for exhibition projects. Yet only on rare occasions there is the opportunity to share what one experiences along the respective trip beyond museums, fairs and studios: peculiar findings, personal encounters, glimpses of the daily life in another culture, etc. etc.

INDIA 2010. TRAVEL NOTES (8.4.-24.6.10) presents notes, books, pictures, anecdotes and souvenirs of my 5-weeks curatorial research trip to the art scenes of Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Mumbai in February/March 2010 (funded by the Goethe-Institut). It is meant as research source for those who are interested in the contemporary Indian art scene providing a glimpse into what's going on there at the moment and as a space for exchanging thoughts and ideas regarding the Indian arts and our relationship to it.

Barbara J. Scheuermann

More information on the trip here

images above: Hanuman sculpture in Bangalore, Suhasini Kejriwal in her studio in Kolkata, installation view 'ad finitum' at Nature Morte, Delhi, Ravi Agarwal on Holi day, Delhi

installations shots:

I asked all artists who I met at their studio or their home to give me a little souvenir that I could bring to Berlin. They happily did so.

On the wall, left to right:
Shopping receipt – Michelle Cherian, Bangalore
Twisted spectacles – Kiran Subbaiah, Bangalore
Rope – Leena Kejriwal, Kolkata
Exhibition sketch Gallery Maskara – Narendra Yadav, Mumbai
Print – Rohini Devasher, Delhi
Vertebra in gift bag – Surekha, Bangalore
Sketch – Joydip Sengupta, Delhi
Paper flower – Aditya Pande, Delhi

Sideboard, left to right:
Seeds – Genda Phool, Delhi
CD with Ghatam music– Tallur LN, Mumbai
Hut – Hema Upadhyay, Mumbai
Soya bean – Rohini Devasher, Delhi
Wax (unfortunately broken) – Chittrovanu Mazumdar, Kolkata
Drawing – Suhasini Kejriwal, Kolkata
Piece of the carpet „So much to say“ – Sonia Jose, Bangalore
Coconut with wires – Sunoj D, Bangalore


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